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More about CACI Treatments 

CACI Ultimate and Quantum Non Surgical Face Lift 1 hr. 
CACI is the Uk's best selling non - surgical face lift; it has an International reputation and is endorsed by many celebrities. This CACIs non invasive treatment delivers dramatic visible results without the need for surgery. 
The Non Surgical Facelift gently tighten, tones and re-educates the facial muscles whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. This helps renew skin cells whilst tone and texture are improved, leaving the skin with a firmer, glowing appearance.  
It is recommended that you book a consultation about how CACI can work best for you before you embark on any course of treatments. 
CACI Eye Revive: 35 min treatment.  
The CACI Eye Revive is a 35 minute add on or stand alone treatment using serum filled CACI micro-current rollers together with a deeply nourishing Hydro Eye mask to help lift hooded eyelids ,reduce puffiness and dark circles,soften the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles.around the eyes.  
The microcurrent eye rollers are infused with CACI eye revive serum which contains REGU-AGE and other clinically effective ingredients to reduce puffiness by up to 31% and dark circles by up to 35% 
CACI Jowl. 20 min treatment 
A very popular treatment specifically designed to target muscles around the jawline. The Jowl lift facial uses quad probe applicators designed to double the  
lifting action of the CACI Jowl. 
Course of 10 recommended  
CACI Hydratone Mask 15 min treatment 
Again this is a stand alone or combined with Non surgical face or jowl treatment . The super hydrating mask is infused with collagen ,hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C and E . Hyaluronic acid is a natural product within the body, as we age our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture, resulting in the visible loss of firmness, pliability, and plumpness. Hyaluronic acid swoops in with the ability to replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin. 
At the same time, it revitalizes skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother and glowingly hydrated to instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  
CACI Microdermabrasion 30 min treatment. 
Combining LED light therapy with the Orbital Micro-dermabrasion treatment is a gentle way of smoothing the skin . This treatment exfoliates and cleanses the skin, allowing the effects of the light therapy to provide the best results.  
The procedure will be gentle enough for sensitive skin while providing results. There are three different dermabrasion heads to suit a range of skin types.  
Treatment can be combined with other CACI Facial treatments .  

More about Crystal Clear Treatments 

Beauty Treatment to the Stars  
Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy  
The perfect rejuvenation treatment for ageing skin. Oxygen Therapy replenishes lost oxygen delivering a specially patented anti- ageing serum.With skin restructuring ingredients which are delivered into the deeper layers of the epidermis ,visibly plumpling out fine lines and wrinkles the results are immediate but continue to work, stimulating cell rejuvenation. This treatment is also perfect for acne conditions ( subject to consultation) due to the anti bacterial effect of the serum and oxygen. 
Smokers lines could be a thing of the past Excellent results show for top lip lines following a course of 3-6 treatments . Discuss with therapist at consultation. 
Crystal Clear Eye Treatment  
Treatment can be  

More about Jennifer Young Treatments 

Info about Jennifer Young 
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