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Crystal Clear Oxygen Treatment 

Oxygen is one of the five elements needed to sustain life. Oxygen provides life and energy to every living cell. When oxygen levels become low the immune system is weakened. The ageing process is associated with a drop in available oxygen in the skin cells. The Crystal Clear Oxygen system utilises puncture jet technology that allows oxygen to be driven into the skin. 
Helps rebuild the skin, smoothes lines and wrinkles and increases skin firmness  
Perfect for damaged skin, the use of pure oxygen provides an energising and healing effect to the skin cells  
Ideal for acne prone skin due to the anti-bacterial effects of oxygen  
Allows the deep penetration of active skin care ingredients into the skin layers to increase the volume of the bio-matrix of the skin thereby plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles  
The most advanced method of replacing lost moisture  
Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin  
Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level speeding up the mitosis of the skin cells and helping in the healing process  
Reverses the damage caused by free radicals 
Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is more technically advanced than other systems. Manufactured in the UK to international standards: 
The only Oxygen system of its type to offer two pre-set levels of treatment for maximum results  
Level 1 handset delivers high oxygen at low bar pressure for the delicate eye area  
Level 2 handset delivers high bar pressure for faster penetration, which means quicker treatment on the rest of the face & neck  
The handset has no electricity or electronic parts – an important safety measure  
Disposable facial nozzle for ultimate hygiene  
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